Your Home's Systems Are at Your Fingertips

Your Home's Systems Are at Your Fingertips

We install smart home systems in the Myrtle Beach and Chapin, SC areas

Bring your house into the modern age. When you choose Integrated Media, Inc. to install your smart home systems, you'll be amazed by what your phone can do.

Utilizing your smartphone, you can control your:

  • Lighting
  • Thermostat
  • Sound systems
  • Televisions
  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems

Impress your guests with pre-set lighting themes, changed at the touch of a button. Too hot or cold? You can adjust your thermostat without leaving the couch. And just imagine turning up the volume to your favorite song without having to make your way over to the stereo.

Integrated Media specializes in installing smart home systems in Myrtle Beach and Chapin, SC. We also serve clients in the Columbia area. Reach out to us today to transform your home into a smart home.

Going on vacation? Monitor your security system remotely.

If you get anxiety about leaving your home unprotected while you're away, you're not alone. Plenty of homeowners know exactly what you're feeling. But when you get a smart home security system installed, you won't have to worry next time you go on vacation. You can monitor your security cameras and alarm system on your smartphone.

Get in touch with Integrated Media today to learn more about installing a smart home security system at your home in Chapin or Myrtle Beach, SC.